Letter to Self

Dear: Young Maedeh


It has been 60 years since I was 12. My life has changed completely, I have got married with my dream prince and had three kids Miley Ashley and Casey.

Things are pretty slow and the body is aching and I  feel drowsy all the time.

In the last 60 years, technology has changed everything and its astounding to think that we can ever live without it. I have helped at least 100 different charities and have built 2 houses for people in need. By the way I am retired, had my dream job working for the 40 years at the FBI .

Remember, enjoy your life and don’t think about the future. There might be some ups and downs but I know you will get through it because you are me and I am special.



One thought on “Letter to Self

  1. Dear Maedeh,
    I really loved your letter to yourself 60 years from now.I really liked your word choice and sentence fluency and I really loved your picture 😀 I can’t wait to read more letters/stories from you 😉

    From Salsa

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