Poem (Remembrance Day) 

They lie peacefully in Flander’s field.
They’re gone but we still mourn.
Many people lost their lives.
But their spirit still thrives.
Their lives’ are our blessing.
That turned depressing.
We will never forget the innocent lives, beyond the grave their souls survive.
Rest in peace in Flanders field.

By Maedeh



5 thoughts on “Poem

  1. Dear Maedeh,

    I really liked your remembrance day poem. It was AMAZING an ADORABLE.
    I also liked the words that you used in your poem.

    From Talwinder:)

  2. Dear Maedeh,
    Your poem is amazing CONGRAULATIONS!! The words you used were incredible I loved it hope to see more of your poems 🙂 😀 😉


  3. Dear Maedeh,
    Your story is great. It was really powerful and I hope you write more poems on your blog!!!
    From Monique.

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