Pasion project :)

For our project this term my class mates and I will be doing Passion Projects. For my passion project, I will be researching, planning and teaching my class about Shawn Mendes. 

Things about Shawn Mendes:
• He is a Canadian singer.
• He became famous by singing 6 seconds karaoke.
• He wrote his first song in 2014.
• He is a vine star.

9 thoughts on “Pasion project :)

  1. Dear Maedeh,
    Your passion project was great, you did really well and I enjoyed the lessons. I liked how you explained, It was really easy to understand what we were going to do next.
    From Monique

  2. Dear Maedeh
    I really like your lesson, you did very well. I liked how you printed out a song so that we could sing to it.
    from Tarra

  3. Dear Monique
    Thank you so much for your amazing feed back and I can’t wait to Watch and listen to your passion project .
    From Monique

  4. Dear Maedeh,
    I really enjoyed your passion project it was incredibly amazing I liked how you explained your passion project and I also liked how u printed a song sheet for everyone.

    From Talwinder

  5. Dear Maedeh,
    Thank you for teaching us the song and for teaching us about Shawn Mendes. You were very organised and so far, the best session!!!! 🙂 😉 😀
    from Salsa

  6. Dear Maedeh,

    I really enjoyed learning about Shawn Mendes and I also enjoyed learning one of his songs. Your lesson was really good.

    From Sam.

  7. Dear Maedeh,
    Your project was amazing, for it really hook me in giving me a lot of infomation about Shawn Mendes. After you did your project I was really happy.

    From Aden. 🙂

  8. Dear Maedeh

    I really loved the session when you taught us about Shawn Mendes and when we sang the song, I really enjoyed it.

    From David 🙂 😀 😉

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