Pasion project :)

For our project this term my class mates and I will be doing Passion Projects. For my passion project, I will be researching, planning and teaching my class about Shawn Mendes. 

Things about Shawn Mendes:
• He is a Canadian singer.
• He became famous by singing 6 seconds karaoke.
• He wrote his first song in 2014.
• He is a vine star.

My life

I’m posting this piece of writing because I think I worked hard on my word choice .

My life is flashing before my eyes, but why me? What did I do to deserve such a life?! I can see the fear of dying through my brothers eyes. The only thing that I wish for in this wild world is to have a good education and be safe. My life is a mess that’s get messier every day. I risk my life going to school in these cold waters that no one can survive in! But there is that one thing that I wonder every single day, would education be worth all these risks?