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Hello world my name is Maedeh thank you so much for visiting my blog where I am going to share my learning I hope you like it .The thing I like are sports, music, singing ,dancing, quotes, photography , and CHOCOLATE AND ICECREAM !!! Anyway I hope you enjoy my blog 🙂  


Poem ( Summer ) :)

Summer (Poem)        

Summer is here the best time of the year.

Beaches, sunshine, and memories are made here, out in summer glade.

Life guards are patrolling waves are rolling.

It’s just a perfect time to surf,

While eating sea food and berries.

Water parks, water fights covered by the summer light.

Flying kites is also fun especially under the summer sun.

Enjoy the time while it’s here, because we only get it once a year.


BY, Maedeh     🙂

Poem ( Christmas )

Poem for Christmas

Leaves are falling one by one.

Snow is falling.

Stars are shining.

Gifts are ready.

People are smiling.

Kids are laughing.

Families are eating.

Stockings are hanging.

Christmas is coming.

But Santa, I know you’re coming!

Letter to Self

Dear: Young Maedeh


It has been 60 years since I was 12. My life has changed completely, I have got married with my dream prince and had three kids Miley Ashley and Casey.

Things are pretty slow and the body is aching and I  feel drowsy all the time.

In the last 60 years, technology has changed everything and its astounding to think that we can ever live without it. I have helped at least 100 different charities and have built 2 houses for people in need. By the way I am retired, had my dream job working for the 40 years at the FBI .

Remember, enjoy your life and don’t think about the future. There might be some ups and downs but I know you will get through it because you are me and I am special.


Poem (Remembrance Day) 

They lie peacefully in Flander’s field.
They’re gone but we still mourn.
Many people lost their lives.
But their spirit still thrives.
Their lives’ are our blessing.
That turned depressing.
We will never forget the innocent lives, beyond the grave their souls survive.
Rest in peace in Flanders field.

By Maedeh

Pasion project :)

For our project this term my class mates and I will be doing Passion Projects. For my passion project, I will be researching, planning and teaching my class about Shawn Mendes. 

Things about Shawn Mendes:
• He is a Canadian singer.
• He became famous by singing 6 seconds karaoke.
• He wrote his first song in 2014.
• He is a vine star.

My life

I’m posting this piece of writing because I think I worked hard on my word choice .

My life is flashing before my eyes, but why me? What did I do to deserve such a life?! I can see the fear of dying through my brothers eyes. The only thing that I wish for in this wild world is to have a good education and be safe. My life is a mess that’s get messier every day. I risk my life going to school in these cold waters that no one can survive in! But there is that one thing that I wonder every single day, would education be worth all these risks?